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NOTE: RISC-V development is rapid and this list can get out of date quickly.

The purpose of this quick reference is to try and get a big picture view as an outsider who wants to know what a rv32x_Zblah is. It won’t always be accurate. There are pointers to the source material.

Canonical ISA and Extension String

There are restrictions on the naming of the combination of ISA and extensions that defines the machine architecture (such as the name passed to gcc’s -march).


ISA Extensions Name
rv32i a,m,c rv32imac

Base ISA Variants

[*]=Working Version of Specification, [+]=Official Specification Repository
Base ISA Description misa GCC Support GCC Macro New GCC Macro
(gcc 11+)
rv32e [*] [+] Reduced version of the 32 bit integer ISA designed for embedded systems Bit: 4, 0x00000010 Yes, 8.1.0 __riscv __riscv_32e __riscv_xlen=32 __riscv_e
rv32i [*] [+] A 32 bit integer ISA sufficient to form a compiler target and to support modern operating system environment Bit: 8, 0x00000100 Yes, 7.2.0 __riscv __riscv_xlen=32 __riscv_i
rv64i [*] [+] A 64 bit integer ISA sufficient to form a compiler target and to support modern operating system environment Bit: 8, 0x00000100 Yes, 7.2.0 __riscv __riscv_xlen=64 __riscv_i
rv128 [*] [+] A variant of the RISC-V ISA supporting a flat 128-bit address space Bit: 8, 0x00000100 __riscv __riscv_xlen=128 __riscv_i

Standard ISAs & Alias

The standard general purpose ISA is rv32g, or rv64g. The ‘g’ is an alias for imafd_Zicsr_Zifencei.

ISA Extensions

[*]=Working Version of Specification, [+]=Official Specification Repository
ID Extension misa Related GCC Support GCC Macro New GCC Macro
(gcc 11+)
M [*] [+] Integer Multiply/Divide extension Bit: 12, 0x00001000 Zmmul Yes, from 7.2.0. __riscv_mul __riscv_muldiv __riscv_div __riscv_m
A [*] [+] Atomic extension Bit: 0, 0x00000001 Zam Yes, from 7.2.0. __riscv_atomic __riscv_a
F [*] [+] Single-precision floating-point extension Bit: 5, 0x00000020 Zfinx Yes, from 7.2.0. __riscv_float_abi_single __riscv_flen=32 __riscv_fdiv __riscv_fsqrt __riscv_f
D [*] [+] Double-precision floating-point extension Bit: 3, 0x00000008 Zdinx Yes, from 7.2.0. __riscv_float_abi_double __riscv_flen=64 __riscv_fdiv __riscv_fsqrt __riscv_d
Q [*] [+] Quad-precision floating-point extension Bit: 16, 0x00010000 __riscv_flen=128
C [*] [+] Compressed Instructions Extension Bit: 2, 0x00000004 Yes, from 7.2.0. __riscv_compressed __riscv_c
L Decimal Floating-Point extension Bit: 11, 0x00000800
B [*] [+] Bit-Manipulation extension Bit: 1, 0x00000002 Zba Zbb Zbc Zbs Zbkx Zbkc Zbkb Yes, from 12.0.
J [*] [+] Dynamically Translated Languages extension Bit: 9, 0x00000200 Zjid
T Transactional Memory extension Bit: 21, 0x00200000
P [*] [+] Packed-SIMD extension Bit: 15, 0x00008000 __riscv_p
V [*] [+] Vector extension Bit: 21, 0x00200000 In development (9.2.0-rvv 10.1.0-rvv). __riscv_vector __riscv_v_min_vlen __riscv_v_elen __riscv_v_elen_fp __riscv_v
N User-level interrupts supported Bit: 13, 0x00002000
Counters Performance Counter CSRs
G Additional standard extensions present Bit: 6, 0x00000040
H [*] [+] Hypervisor extension Bit: 7, 0x00000080
X Non-standard extensions present Bit: 23, 0x00800000
Zam Standard Extension for Misaligned Atomics A
Zawrs [+] Wait-on-Reservation-Set extension (low power mode)
Zba [*] [+] Bit-manipulation: Address generation instructions B Yes, from 12.0. __riscv_zba
Zbb [*] [+] Basic bit-manipulation B Yes, from 12.0. __riscv_zbb
Zbc [*] [+] Bit-manipulation: Carry-less multiplication B Yes, from 12.0. __riscv_zbc
Zbkb [*] [+] Bit-manipulation for Cryptography B
Zbkc [*] [+] Bit-manipulation: Carry-less multiplication for Cryptography B
Zbkx [*] [+] Bit-manipulation: Crossbar permutations B
Zbs [*] [+] Bit-manipulation: Single-bit instructions B Yes, from 12.0. __riscv_zbs
Zce [+] Code Size Reduction
Zdinx Standard Extension for Double Floating-Point in Integer Registers D
Zfh [*] [+] Standard Extension for 16-bit Half-Precision Binary Floating-Point Instructions Zhinx, Zhinxmin __riscv_zfh
Zfinx [*] [+] Standard Extension for Floating-Point in Integer Registers F
Zhinx Standard Extension for Half Precision Floating-Point in Integer Registers Zfh
Zhinxmin Zfh
Zicbo [*] [+] Cache Management Operations for RISC-V Zicbom Zicboz Zicbop
Zicbom [*] [+] Cache-Block Management Instructions Zicbo
Zicbop [*] [+] Cache-Block Prefetch Instructions Zicbo
Zicboz [*] [+] Cache-Block Zero Instructions Zicbo
Zicsr [*] [+] Control and Status Register (CSR) Instructions __riscv_zicsr
Zifencei [*] [+] Instruction-Fetch Fence __riscv_zifencei
Zihintntl [*] [+] Non-Temporal Locality Hints
Zihintpause [*] [+] Pause Hint
Zjid [+] Temporary Proposal for Instruction/Data synchronization for JIT. J
Zk Scalar Crypto Specification Zkn Zks Zkr Zkne Zknd Zknh Zksed Zksh Zkt
Zkn Zk
Zknd Zk
Zkne Zk
Zknh Zk
Zkr Zk
Zks Zk
Zksed Zk
Zksh Zk
Zkt Zk
Zmmul Multiply Without Divide M __riscv_mul
Ztso [*] [+] Standard Extension for Total Store Ordering
Zve Vector Extensions for Embedded Processors Zve32x Zve32f Zve64x Zve64f Zve64d
Zve32f VLEN>=32 bits, 32 Bit Float Vector Zve
Zve32x VLEN>=32 bits, Integer Only Vector Zve
Zve64d VLEN>=64 bits, 64 Bit Float Support Vector Zve
Zve64f VLEN>=64 bits, 32 Bit Float Support Vector Zve
Zve64x VLEN>=64 bits, Integer Only Vector Zve
Zvl Minimum Vector Length Standard Extensions V Zvl32b Zvl64b Zvl128b Zvl256b Zvl512b Zvl1024b
Zvl1024b VLEN>=1024 bits Zvl
Zvl128b VLEN>=128 bits Zvl
Zvl256b VLEN>=256 bits Zvl
Zvl32b VLEN>=32 bits (default) Zvl
Zvl512b VLEN>=512 bits Zvl
Zvl64b VLEN>=64 bits Zvl

Privilege Levels

ID Mode misa
m machine
s supervisor Bit: 18, 0x00040000
u user Bit: 20, 0x00100000
d debug