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  • The CSRs that are available are implementation dependent
  • CSRs are generally accessed via special instructions into a 4096 entry register space, but may be memory mapped (e.g. mtime).
  • CSRs have a defined priviledge level at which they can be accessed.
    • Some may be shadowed at lower priviledge levels with a restricted view (e.g. mstatus,and sstatus).
    • Some may be replicated (e.g. mepc and sepc) .
  • CSRs may be unique per hart, or share a common value for all harts.

Accessing CSRs

The instructions to modifiy CSRs are listed here.
Some examples are shown below:

Summary List

NOTE:Work in progress. Not all registers are included here yet.
Name Number Priviledge Width Feature/Extensions Description
cycle 0x0c00 URO hypervisor Cycle counter for RDCYCLE instruction.
cycleh 0x0c80 URO machine Upper 32 bits of cycle, RV32I only.
dcsr 0x07b0 DRW Debug control and status register.
dpc 0x07b1 DRW debug Debug PC.
dscratch0 0x07b2 DRW debug Debug scratch register 0.
dscratch1 0x07b3 DRW debug Debug scratch register 1.
fcsr 0x0003 URW machine Floating-Point Control and Status
fflags 0x0001 URW memory Floating-Point Accrued Exceptions.
frm 0x0002 URW dep-table Floating-Point Dynamic Rounding Mode.
hcounteren 0x0606 HRW hypervisor Hypervisor counter enable.
hedeleg 0x0602 HRW hypervisor Hypervisor exception delegation register.
hgatp 0x0680 HRW hypervisor Hypervisor guest address translation and protection.
hgeie 0x0607 HRW hypervisor Hypervisor guest external interrupt-enable register.
hgeip 0x0e07 HRO hypervisor Hypervisor guest external interrupt pending.
hideleg 0x0603 HRW hypervisor Hypervisor interrupt delegation register.
hie 0x0604 HRW hypervisor Hypervisor interrupt-enable register.
hip 0x0644 HRW hypervisor Hypervisor interrupt pending.
hpmcounter3 0x0c03 URO hypervisor Performance-monitoring counter.
hpmcounter31 0x0c1f URO hypervisor Performance-monitoring counter.
hpmcounter31h 0x0c9f URO hypervisor Upper 32 bits of hpmcounter31, RV32I only.
hpmcounter3h 0x0c83 URO hypervisor Upper 32 bits of hpmcounter3, RV32I only.
hpmcounter4 0x0c04 URO hypervisor Performance-monitoring counter.
hpmcounter4h 0x0c84 URO hypervisor Upper 32 bits of hpmcounter4, RV32I only.
hstatus 0x0600 HRW hypervisor Hypervisor status register.
htimedelta 0x0605 HRW hypervisor Delta for VS/VU-mode timer.
htimedeltah 0x0615 HRW hypervisor Upper 32 bits of htimedelta, RV32I only.
htinst 0x064a HRW hypervisor Hypervisor trap instruction (transformed).
htval 0x0643 HRW hypervisor Hypervisor bad guest physical address.
instret 0x0c02 URO hypervisor Instructions-retired counter for RDINSTRET instruction.
instreth 0x0c82 URO machine Upper 32 bits of instret, RV32I only.
marchid 0x0f12 MRO machine Machine Architecture ID
mbase 0x0380 MRW Base register.
mbound 0x0381 MRW Bound register.
mcause 0x0342 MRW machine Machine Exception Cause
mcounteren 0x0306 MRW machine Counter Enable
mcountinhibit 0x0320 MRW machine Machine Counter Inhibit
mcycle 0x0b00 MRW machine Clock Cycles Executed Counter
mcycleh 0x0b80 MRW machine Upper 32 bits of mcycle, RV32I only.
mdbase 0x0384 MRW Data base register.
mdbound 0x0385 MRW Data bound register.
medeleg 0x0302 MRW machine Machine Exception Delegation
mepc 0x0341 MRW machine Machine Exception Program Counter
mhartid 0x0f14 MRO machine Hardware Thread ID
mhpmcounter3 0x0b03 MRW machine Event Counters
mhpmcounter31 0x0b1f MRW machine Machine performance-monitoring counter.
mhpmcounter31h 0x0b9f MRW machine Upper 32 bits of mhpmcounter31, RV32I only.
mhpmcounter3h 0x0b83 MRW machine Upper 32 bits of mhpmcounter3, RV32I only.
mhpmcounter4 0x0b04 MRW machine Machine performance-monitoring counter.
mhpmcounter4h 0x0b84 MRW machine Upper 32 bits of mhpmcounter4, RV32I only.
mhpmevent3 0x0323 MRW machine Event Counter Event Select
mhpmevent31 0x033f MRW machine Machine performance-monitoring event selector.
mhpmevent4 0x0324 MRW Machine performance-monitoring event selector.
mibase 0x0382 MRW Instruction base register.
mibound 0x0383 MRW Instruction bound register.
mideleg 0x0303 MRW machine Machine Interrupt Delegation
mie 0x0304 MRW machine Machine Interrupt Enable
mimpid 0x0f13 MRO machine Machine Implementation ID
minstret 0x0b02 MRW machine Number of Instructions Retired Counter
minstreth 0x0b82 MRW machine Upper 32 bits of minstret, RV32I only.
mip 0x0344 MRW machine Machine Interrupt Pending
misa 0x0301 MRW machine Machine ISA
mscratch 0x0340 MRW machine Machine Mode Scratch Register
mstatus 0x0300 MRW machine Machine Status
mstatush 0x0310 MRW hypervisor Additional machine status register, RV32 only.
mtime MMIO 64 machine Machine Timer
mtimecmp MMIO 64 machine Machine Timer Compare
mtinst 0x034a MRW hypervisor Machine trap instruction (transformed).
mtval 0x0343 MRW machine Machine Trap Value
mtval2 0x034b MRW hypervisor Machine bad guest physical address.
mtvec 0x0305 MRW machine Machine Trap Vector Base Address
mvendorid 0x0f11 MRO machine Machine Vendor ID
pmpaddr0 0x03b0 MRW machine Physical memory protection address register.
pmpaddr1 0x03b1 MRW machine Physical memory protection address register.
pmpaddr15 0x03bf MRW machine Physical memory protection address register.
pmpcfg0 0x03a0 MRW machine Physical memory protection configuration.
pmpcfg1 0x03a1 MRW machine Physical memory protection configuration, RV32 only.
pmpcfg2 0x03a2 MRW machine Physical memory protection configuration.
pmpcfg3 0x03a3 MRW machine Physical memory protection configuration, RV32 only.
satp 0x0180 SRW supervisor Supervisor address translation and protection.
scause 0x0142 SRW supervisor Supervisor Exception Cause
scounteren 0x0106 SRW machine Counter Enable
sedeleg 0x0102 SRW n Supervisor Exception Delegation
sepc 0x0141 SRW supervisor Supervisor Exception Program Counter
sideleg 0x0103 SRW n Supervisor Interrupt Delegation
sie 0x0104 SRW supervisor Supervisor Interrupt Enable
sip 0x0144 SRW supervisor Supervisor Interrupt Pending
sscratch 0x0140 SRW machine Supervisor Mode Scratch Register
sstatus 0x0100 SRW supervisor Supervisor Status
stval 0x0143 SRW supervisor Supervisor bad address or instruction.
stvec 0x0105 SRW supervisor Supervisor Trap Vector Base Address
tdata1 0x07a1 MRW debug First Debug/Trace trigger data register.
tdata2 0x07a2 MRW debug Second Debug/Trace trigger data register.
tdata3 0x07a3 MRW debug Third Debug/Trace trigger data register.
time 0x0c01 URO hypervisor Timer for RDTIME instruction.
timeh 0x0c81 URO machine Upper 32 bits of time, RV32I only.
tselect 0x07a0 MRW Debug/Trace trigger register select.
ucause 0x0042 URW n User Exception Cause
uepc 0x0041 URW n User Exception Program Counter
uie 0x0004 URW n User Interrupt Enable
uip 0x0044 URW n User Interrupt Pending
uscratch 0x0040 URW n User Mode Scratch Register
ustatus 0x0000 URW n User mode restricted view of mstatus
utval 0x0043 URW n User Trap Value
utvec 0x0005 URW n User Trap Vector Base Address
vsatp 0x0280 HRW hypervisor Virtual supervisor address translation and protection.
vscause 0x0242 HRW hypervisor Virtual supervisor trap cause.
vsepc 0x0241 HRW hypervisor Virtual supervisor exception program counter.
vsie 0x0204 HRW hypervisor Virtual supervisor interrupt-enable register.
vsip 0x0244 HRW hypervisor Virtual supervisor interrupt pending.
vsscratch 0x0240 HRW hypervisor Virtual supervisor scratch register.
vsstatus 0x0200 HRW hypervisor Virtual supervisor status register.
vstval 0x0243 HRW hypervisor Virtual supervisor bad address or instruction.
vstvec 0x0205 HRW hypervisor Virtual supervisor trap handler base address.