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RISC-V External Debug Support , task_group_vote-4-g4e0bb0f 2019/03/25

2 Reading Order

This section describes the minimal parts of the spec required to understand a given piece of functionality. It’s still best to read the whole thing, but it might help you get started better than reading it all start to finish. No matter what you want to learn about, it’s best to read Section [overview] first.

2.0.1 Halt/Resume

Sections [dmi], [selectingharts], [haltcontrol], [dmcontrol], [dmstatus], [haltsum], [deb:halt].

2.0.2 Abstract Register Access

Sections [abstractcommands], [abstractcs], [command], [data0], [deb:abstractreg].

2.0.3 Program Buffer

Sections [programbuffer], [progbufcs], [progbuf0], [access register], [debugmode], [deb:regprogbuf], [deb:mrprogbuf].

2.0.4 JTAG Debug Transport Module

Sections [dtm], [jtagdtm], [dbusaccess].

2.0.5 System Bus Master

Sections [systembusaccess], [sbcs], [sbaddress0], [sbaddress1], [sbaddress2], [sbdata0], [sbdata1], [sbdata2], [sbdata3], [deb:mrsysbus].

2.0.6 Reset


2.0.7 Security


2.0.8 Triggers


2.0.9 Serial Ports